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Why is Exclusively Grassfed Beef Better for You and Our Environment?

Most beef - even if it is organic - comes from animals that have been fattened on grain. Feeding grain to ruminants (like cattle):

  • Alters the nutritional value of meat;
  • Compromises the health of grazing animals; and
  • Exacts a greater toll on the environment due to the petrochemicals needed to farm the grain, the bare ground that is created by tilling the soil, and the water quality degradation that often occurs when animals are confined in feedlots.

By contrast, our cattle roam free on ecologically sound native rangeland. By switching from grain-fed to all natural, exclusively grassfed beef, you receive a wealth of health benefits. As with organic beef, you avoid all the synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticide residues and additives. But exclusively grassfed beef gives you these additional nutritional advantages:

  • Fewer calories;
  • Less "bad fat" (including saturated fat);
  • More omega-3 essential fatty acids;
  • More cancer fighting CLA, beta-carotene and vitamin E.

These benefits are the direct result of raising cattle exclusively on grass.

Remember...beef produced with grain will not have these benefits — even when the grain has been grown organically. This is why Exclusively Grassfed Beef is better for you and our environment.

To learn more about the health benefits of grassfed beef visit:

Slowly Growing Beef — While Restoring Wildness
We thoughtfully manage our cattle to restore the land — making a home for migrating song birds and wildlife with which we share our land. Doing this work of land restoration by burning fossil fuels and blowing diesel smoke might give us faster results. But we have found the outcomes are less desirable and sustainable if we resort to quick fixes that ignore the web of complex life interactions. Raising beef as nature intended takes longer too (about a whole year longer than hormone induced feedlot beef). But, by growing our cattle at nature's pace, we produce not only great tasting beef, but also contribute to restoring wildness to Oregon's Grasslands.

Community Stewardship — One bite at a time
We have a vision of thriving family ranches. The soil and water are cared for and the needs of the animals are priority — clean water, fresh air, the chance to grow up naturally. Complimenting these ranches are flourishing communities of people who want the best possible food, grown in a manner that enhances the health of the people who enjoy it and the land that creates it. Yet, food travels an average of two thousand miles before it gets to our plates. Since we can enhance ecological health and our local economy by eating closer to home, why accept this distance?

In the spirit of our vision, we want to give you the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy the best beef — slowly dry aged and locally hand cut with care;
  • Have a personal relationship with the people who grow your beef so you know where and how it is grown;
  • Strengthen our local economy by keeping food dollars at home;
  • Maintain Oregon's open space and wildness by keeping ecologically sound ranches alive.

BOB ribeyes on our grill BOB ribeyes on our grill